Sunday, May 22, 2005

Life Journal

I spent much of this week sitting tight. In fact, I've been knitting what I call my sit tight sweater. It's one of my roll raglans with half-sleeves and all the roll edging is replaced with two-stitch ribbing. I'm making it in two colors, one is a kind of deep pink that was on a velvet yo-yo I owned decades ago, and the frontpiece is off-white. Yesterday, though, I got the news that my check had cleared on the lease for my new apartment. I'm pleased.
Today, I went out and bought some seasonings, a bottle of louisiana steak seasoning, a timer, and some coffee. I also decided to get a chocolate bar with almonds because they were only 85 cents. Can you compare 85 with a dollar & nine over at the convenience store? Good gosh.
So tonight or tomorrow I'm going to be looking over moving technologies and arranging my belongings for the trip. I still have a while before I have to actually move. I'm glad I can do this at my pace instead of hurrying along.
I've spent a little time reading the news, and I might waste a little more there.
I also want to finish The Trial by Franz Kafka. I'm close to being done with it, but it's a very exhausting book to read. Kafka intended it to be so. It shows a gloomy picture of bureaucracy, life, and how the former chokes the individuality, spontaneity, and strength from the latter. It's also about uncertainty. It shows us the ultimate modern and post-modern set of binaries, the process is fixed in its steps, the need to do this or that is present and demanding in its clarity, yet the reason for the procedure, and its results are all invisible and uncertain. This is a wonderful novel, not a waste of time. But it is hard to read, even if you are a very experienced reader.

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