Sunday, May 22, 2005

Does Evolution Really Contradict the Bible?


Then as now, the controversy over evolution revolved around two Darwinian theories that contradict the biblical version of creation: Darwin's assertion that all life, including humans and monkeys, descended from common ancestors and that it is all the result of natural selection and random mutation. end quote.

The controversy over evolution is public, not scientific. Evolution existed as a theory long before Darwin. Evolution through natural selection is Darwin's theory named. In science, so much evidence is weighted in favor of it that it has the force of fact. It is one of the few theories one may describe that way. It's right up there with gravitation.
The story says that all life descended from common ancestors.
The bible may be interpreted to say the same thing without being edited at all.
If the diversity of life is the result of natural selection, then it still can be said to belong to God because God created nature and every process in it. Finished.
No controversy. No questions. No mess.
So what the hell is going on in Kansas & New York?
Do these people really believe that the issue they take with evolution is intelligent and even valid?
They don't look intelligent, their thoughts are invalid.
They just look like a bunch of paranoid freaks.

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