Saturday, May 07, 2005

A collection of stories

from last week & the week before. I didn't have time to write extended comments on them, but all pertain to the dehumanization of our society by Bush foreign and domestic policies and attempts to resist it.

Afghanistan, the great untold story.
U.N. Rights Monitor Ousted Under U.S. Pressure (Horrific Abuse)

Here, also from Daily Kos, is a current interview of Ambassador Joseph Wilson.
Ambassador Wilson: White House Operatives Are Traitors by ePluribus Media.

The Individual & Institution
The dehumanization of our society is played out murderously when American Marines are endangered by the consistent Bush Regime refusal
to armor vehicles properly.

The American Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights Watch demand that the US government be subject to its own and international laws. This story was printed in the Independent UK.

The Bush Regime: they choose to see only what they want to see.

What's going on? Actually, it's quite simple: Mr. Bush and his party talk only to their base - corporate interests and the religious right - and are oblivious to everyone else's concerns.

The administration's upbeat view of the economy is a case in point. Corporate interests are doing very well. As a recent report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities points out, over the last three years profits grew at an annual rate of 14.5 percent after inflation, the fastest growth since World War II.

The story is very different for the great majority of Americans, who live off their wages, not dividends or capital gains, and aren't doing well at all. Over the past three years, wage and salary income grew less than in any other postwar recovery - less than a tenth as fast as profits. But wage-earning Americans aren't part of the base.

They Were Young Once, and Fit is about the U.S. use of depleted uranium, the great sleeper story of the last 14 years.

For Americans to remain silent as Bush hands down death sentences for their children and their unborn grandchildren is a war crime in itself. Arthur Bernklau, executive director of Veterans for Constitutional Law in New York cites a study done by eminent scientist Leuren Moret which names DU as the definitive cause of Gulf War Syndrome. Bernklau says of the 580,400 US Gulf War I soldiers, 11,000 are now dead. By the year 2000, when Bush and his draft-dodging warmongers were already planning Gulf War II, there were 325,000 military personnel on permanent medical disability. Currently, more than half of those who served in Gulf War I have pemanent medical problems.

And, from Daily Kos, No Tax Relief for the Poor. Well, should we be surprised?

Just a few more features of the long train of abuses suffered by the American people at the hands of their unelected, fraudulent, elitist and indifferent government. The re-birthplace of existentialism will be the United States of America.

Thanks for posting the news roundup. I have been busy so lately that I haven't had a chance to gander at what has been going on. ~Amadeus
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