Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bush: America promotes freedom around the world

America promotes freedom around the world on its own terms: those of torture, invasion, conquest, corporate exploitation and mass murder. This article is another attempt to discredit the Amnesty International report.
This speaks volumes not about American human rights abuses, but the desperate objective of this administration to keep its dirty dealings secret. It also indicates the veracity of A.I.'s report. The Bush Regime would not thrash so if there were no truth to the allegations.
Okay, one echo chamber, three voices so far: Myers, Cheney and Bush. I'm waiting for Rice and Rumsfeld to chime in. Just because they repeat something doesn't make it true. I know that. I just hope the rest of the American public has it figured out.

I laughed when Bush tried to blast Amnesty International. Of course, he couldn't offer anything to the contrary, but then again when you have an administration defending torture what do you expect. ~Amadeus
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