Friday, April 08, 2005

Sovereignty As License

Neoconservative feelings about the UN and international instruments run from dislike to deep hatred. They believe that in committing itself to treaties and abiding by international law undermines American sovereignty. Reactionaries confuse American sovereignty with American license and the imperialistic exercise of arbitrary, irresponsible power.
American sovereignty does not lie in any instrument of the government, policy or laws.American sovereignty lies in all the people, therefore, no international instrument can possibly take it away.As we have seen, Article VI of the Constitution binds the United States to whatever international instruments it signs. It forces our country to deal in good faith with other nations. People who believe that our country is not bound by international commitments believe that the United States, to be sovereign, must have total license. In other words, it is okay for the United States to deal in bad faith, tell lies, commit crimes against property and humanity in the world without restriction, and disregard international standards of conduct. License is their way of keeping the US out of "foreign entanglements." Neoconservative imperialism is licentious. It opens countries to foreign economic domination and undermines whatever indigenous industrial development is vestigial or incipient. Laissez-faire paradise, anyone? So if international instruments are a threat to American sovereignty, how about Article VI? Anyone for repeal?
Our country is licentious in its war crimes, in its crimes against humanity, in its Guantanamo prison, its outsourcing of torture & murder, called "extraordinary rendition," and in its conduct of war in both Afghanistan and Iraq.
It is licentious in its production of domestic poverty for the purpose of internal repression.
The sovereignty and national identity of the United States is not in the license of the government. It is in the freedom of the people.
International standards of conduct do not and can never threaten American liberty.

This amounts to a crime against humanity, a crime for which the US is responsible.

QUOTE: U.N.: Iraq kids suffer from malnutritionGENEVA (AP) — Almost twice as many Iraqi children are suffering from malnutrition since the U.S.-led invasion toppled Saddam Hussein, a U.N. monitor said Monday.4% of Iraqis under age 5 went hungry in the months after Saddam's ouster in April 2003, and the rate nearly doubled to 7.7% last year, said Jean Ziegler, the U.N. Human Rights Commission's special expert on the right to food.
The situation is "a result of the war led by coalition forces," he said.END QUOTE.

Most Americans will shrug and say, "Well, that's just war."
The war should have been over more than two years ago. The children are dying not because of war, but because of deliberate social neglect by the United States, the occupying power.

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