Thursday, April 07, 2005

Flags are flying at half staff

for the Pope. That's right. I believe in giving the papacy the respect it's due, but the Pope was no American. He did not live to serve the U.S. Yet he must have served the Bush Regime in some way to get this custom used. Or perhaps, the Bush Regime wants us to believe that the Pope was and always will be our guy, a man for the powerful, a man who supports the status quo as they think it should be in this country.
The majority of Americans favor legal abortion. That's the status quo.
Almost half of marriages end in divorce. That's the status quo.
Most Americans are not Catholic. That's a fact.
The government is secular. Its power & authority are not derived from God, but from the consent of the governed, the people.
The people are sovereign, not the government.
Of course, now, the government is deriving more and more of its power from the elites & corporations.
God-like entities, don't you think?-- in their capacity to manipulate the world & people. You're fired tomorrow, the people who ordered you so feel powerful.
Your house is being foreclosed, those who do the work must feel like God, and the fat cats who will own your house and so many more like it are feeling like God for sure.
Money and position really tend to make one feel close to God. I'm sure Antonin Scalia will confirm this statement.
Power provides the avenue for the complete expression of pride, the complete surrender of the spirit to arrogance.

I was wondering why they were at half staff. I have to agree with you, the Pope was no American. I always thought that was an honor set aside for American tragedies. Hey, I guess at one time U.S. soldiers were used just to protect our soil. Now we are using them for imperialist purposes. Things change. ~Amadeus
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