Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A Dissenters' Warning Becomes Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

April 12, 2005—After two months of wrangling and haggling over the forming of the new Iraqi "government," the US got what it wants, a US government. The Iraqi people are saying: 'How could we have elected those people'? And those are the people the US will continue to protect. At gunpoint, the Iraqi people have been denied the right to govern their country and live in peace. ...

The votes for secret candidate lists have to be altered so that US allies, the Kurds, will have the final say in any decision-making. On 13 February 2005 and a few hours before the final results were officially announced, Reuters reported that "the United Iraqi Alliance [UIA] said today it had been told by Iraq's Electoral Commission that it had won around 60 percent of the vote in the country's election." Scott Ritter later confirmed this. Ritter, a former UNSCOM weapons inspector in Iraq, announced in Washington State on 19 February that the UIA actually won 56 percent of the vote, and that "an official involved in the manipulation was the source." The manipulated 48 percent vote won by the 'Shiites' slate' deprives the UIA of an outright majority. And so, Mr. Rumsfeld's 'messy democracy' needs tidying up a bit when the US doesn't like the results. US actions in Iraq instigated violence, dividing Iraqis and preparing the nation for civil war. After all, the US and its allies have the most to gain from division and sectarian violence. ...

What Iraq will look like if the new "government" succumbs to US dictates and Orders?

A small sampling of the most important orders demonstrates the economic imprint left by the Bush administration:
Order No. 39 allows for:
(1) privatization of Iraq's 200 state-owned enterprises;
(2) 100 percent foreign ownership of Iraqi businesses;
(3) 'national treatment'—which means no preferences for local over foreign businesses;
(4) unrestricted, tax-free remittance of all profits and other funds; and
(5) 40-year ownership licenses," wrote Antonia Juhasz, a project director at the International Forum on Globalization in San Francisco (LATimes, August 05, 2004). ...

She continued; "Clearly, the Bremer orders fundamentally altered Iraq's existing laws. For this reason, they are also illegal. Transformation of an occupied country's laws violates the Hague regulations of 1907 (ratified by the United States) and the U.S. Army's Law of Land Warfare."
The US administration expects the new Iraqi "government" to legitimise and enforce the Orders on behalf of US corporations. The "new" Iraq will look like a K-Mart with oil pumping stations. ...

The new Iraqi parliament is a farce. The Bush administration is using this farce as a model of colonial dictatorship, in which few (Iraqi) expatriates or natives are allowed to manage their own affairs, while the Occupation and US control of Iraq's oil resources will continue. In this way, the US will create legitimacy to its ongoing occupation of the Iraqi people. It is important to remember that just after the elections, the US refused to provide a timetable for troop withdrawal, and the US Occupation of Iraq was no longer the focus in Western and US media. ...

Malnutrition among Iraqi children under the age of 5 years has doubled to nearly 8 percent since the US invasion of Iraq, as a result of a lack of drinking water, food, and adequate sanitation. A report prepared for the UN Human Rights Commission reveals that more than a quarter (3-4 millions) of Iraqi children do not get enough food to eat. Food, drinking water and the supply of electricity have continued to decrease to levels below those during the genocidal sanctions. ...

The war against Iraq was a murderous crime and those who are responsible for it, and for the destruction of Iraqi society, should face war crimes trials. The US-British Occupation is illegal and has failed to deliver to Iraqis the most basic necessities and security, let alone 'freedom' or 'democracy.'
The Iraqi people Resistance will continue until the US ends its murderous Occupation of Iraq. Resistance against the Occupation is the unquestionable right of the Iraqi people to self-determination. The Iraqi people had enough of tyranny and dictatorship. Colonial dictatorship has been tried in Iraq before and it ended in a bloodbath. The Iraqi people have rejected the presence of the US, and the violence brought with it. The US has no reason to be in Iraq. All the reasons for this act of aggression and the Occupation of Iraq have been exposed as lies. END QUOTE.

Do the Iraqi people have the right to resist American occupation? Of course they do. And they will consistently, I assure you. 100% foreign ownership of the country's production sector! Wow! That's the open-door policy all over again! If that's not Gilded Age, late 19th century imperial colonialism I don't know what is!
The orders of Bremer et al-- the voice of God, right? I'd love to kick some dust right into their narrow elitist throats.

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