Sunday, March 20, 2005

Spotless in Their Service to Money

Financial considerations make their way into ethics. Will ethics be crushed? I believe in the United States, they will. The value of life is now truly linked to the value of the dollar.

A patient's inability to pay for medical care combined with a prognosis that renders further care futile are two reasons a hospital might suggest cutting off life support, the chief medical officer at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital said Monday. END QUOTE:

Here is the comment of an expert in palliative care:
QUOTE: Often missing from aggressive medical care is empathy for family members and acknowledgment of grief, she said. END QUOTE.

Atrios, points out that "George Bush signed the law that allows hospitals to make this decision."

The dehumanization of American culture and American individuals by so-called conservative policies is evident. Again, we have the needs of the institution pitted against the needs of the individual and family, and the sickening bully-interplay of poverty and wealth. The story quoted above is in the Houston Chronicle, and I'm wondering how often this drama is played out in other states.
Simple greed has usurped ethics, and again, few voices that attack are heard. Again, the conservatives have shown themselves to be the spotless servants of money, and perfect in their indifference to the love and life of their fellow citizens.
The value of the hierarchy trumps the equality before the spirit and in the travails of earthly existence. Medicine and profit are the food and poison, it's just that simple. Of course death will prevail. Medicine cannot go back to compassion once it has been tied to profit. Medicine in the US is indicted.

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