Monday, March 07, 2005

He described Faust's soul, after the man had died,

as being small, worm-like. The demons pulled the wings away and gave this reader a pathetic picture. But the author, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe decided that a churched outcome, the outcome of the soul descending into hell under the force of Satan was flat, graceless and ugly. Faust was saved and became formless again at first, perhaps a man again once he met Margarethe. We are made in the divine image after all.
This is not anything the Goethe himself asserted, but something I have assumed from what I have read of him.
I believe in a morality that is not wholly religiously based, nor wholly secular-based.
I believe that mercy should be the basis of morality rather than the checklist of virtues and vices, the day of doom, the self-righteous high, and the cliff of judgment.

And the best picture of mercy I've read so far, is that written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in the conclusion of Faust.

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