Saturday, March 19, 2005

A great topical site.

If you want to find out the toll the Iraq war is taking on your community, go to this site:
From their "about" section:
The National Priorities Project (NPP) offers citizen and community groups tools and resources to shape federal budget and policy priorities which promote social and economic justice. ...
For a number of years, NPP has focused on the trade-offs between military spending and tax breaks with social spending. This has enabled us to build bridges between the peace community and the many groups fighting for social and economic justice, expanding the number of groups who will work on both community needs and peace. END QUOTE.
This is the public debate that has been silenced since the 1980s in the MSM, in the halls of Congress, and above all, in the White House. Is Congress the heart of the republic? As long as the national priorities of policy remain imperialism, resource control and how to enrich your already rich friends, it will never be the heart of the republic.

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