Thursday, March 10, 2005

Factual indictments v. ranting

I frequently write rants at the forums I frequent because the atmosphere there is more casual. I don't want this to be an anti-Bush site, instead, I want it to be a weblog with diverse content. There is no need for me to spend sentence after sentence and paragraph after paragraph showing my high displeasure with the unelected, criminal regime I am facing. I want the verifiable facts, the reality these overambitious people are creating, to indict them. If they are as unconcerned with history and the worth of the individual as they seem to be, I don't see why they'd regulate anything anyone is writing.
If the neocons and their supporters are frightened of dissent, then they deserve to fall.

I saw your blog listed at the KOE blog and had to see who it was.

I wondered what happened to you, since RadioLeft. KOE Message Board went to hell as more and more people began getting their own blogs. I think it is great what you have going here.

As for this post, you are such an outstanding writer that wasting it on ranting isn't worth it. I think what your laying down here is much better. It takes definately more skill and intellect the way you are doing it.

Well I will be looking forward to your posts. Here is my attempt at getting over political ranting:

Dharma Vision by Amadeus
By the way, if you get a chance you should post some of your enlightened articles on Knights Of Enlightenment Blog We are in desparate need for some enlightened minds over there. Everyone seems to be sleeping. :) ~Amadeus
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