Friday, March 18, 2005

Extraordinary Rendition

This is the practice of outsourcing torture to foreign countries with bad human rights records.
It's a common war crime committed repeatedly and without remorse by the Bush Regime.

Washington -- The CIA and the White House Thursday defended the practice of secretly transferring suspected terrorists to other countries, including some with poor human rights records, and reiterated that proper safeguards existed to ensure detainees were not tortured.
White House spokesman Scott McClellan would not answer repeated questions about whether President Bush was aware of -- or believed or discounted -- assertions made recently by freed detainees that they had been tortured by other governments after they were transferred to them by the CIA. However, he said, the United States has "an obligation not to render people to countries if we believe they're going to be tortured."
It is illegal under U.S. and international law to send someone to a country where torture is likely. To abide by the law, the CIA obtains a verbal assurance of humane treatment from the intelligence service of another country before it transfers suspected terrorists, a practice called rendition. Many intelligence and counterterrorism experts, however, say such assurances are ineffective and virtually impossible to monitor. END QUOTE.

The sociopathy just goes on and on.
Damn these people and their Congressional stooges to hell.
But wait-- they're already 9/10ths of the way there, so what's the point?

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