Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Democrats & Battered Woman's Syndrome


Taibbi, Matt. "The Dems: Bums." 30 March, 2005.

QUOTE:In the midst of all of this, the Democratic Party is preparing its shiny
new 2008 position on Iraq and terror. Described in Goldberg's New
Yorker article, the political plan is centered around a new faction that
calls itself the "National Security Democrats" (a term coined by that
famous liberal, Richard Holbrooke) and is led by revolting hair-plug
survivor Joe Biden. The position of the "National Security Democrats"
is that the party should be "more open to the idea of military action,
and even preemption" and that the Democrats should "try to distance
themselves from the Party's Post-Vietnam ambivalence about the
projection of American power." Additionally, the Democrats ought to
reconsider their traditional stance as an opposition party and learn to
embrace Republican heroes like Ronald Reagan. END QUOTE.

QUOTE:The Democratic party leadership's persistent and bizarre campaign of
self-condemnation and Republican bootlicking is one of those things
that, on its face, makes very little logical sense. It makes cultural
sense; we have come to expect that the cultural figures we call the
Democrats will respond to electoral failure first by sniveling and
finger-pointing, and then by puffing up their chests and telling their
dates they know how to handle themselves in a bar fight. From the
Republicans we expect just the opposite; beaten at the polls, they
immediately start cozying up to snake-handlers and gun freaks and
denouncing school lunches as socialism. It is impossible to imagine a
Newt Gingrich responding, say, to LBJ's Great Society by concocting
its own expensive plan to feed the poor black man - but we fully expect
that a Democrat who loses an election will suddenly start to reconsider
his opposition to pre-emtpive invasion and Reaganomics. END

Democrats will not earn any respect by becoming Republicans.
Instead of fighting the empire, they choose to embrace it.
Republicans, since 1980, have embraced the goal of impoverishing the people.
Democrats have failed to resist the rising tide of social injustice.
No party, faction or thought can dominate you unless you allow it to.
No leader or representative stands for you unless you approve of him or her.
Imperialism is not the vitality of the United States of America.
It is the death of our country as we know it, as we want it, and as we deserve it.
Democrats are in no position to reclaim power as long as they are examining themselves with the objective of selling policies, with the objective of garnering conservative approval.
Brutality belongs to the Republicans, it is their stock & trade, their only tool, their last refuge.

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