Friday, March 25, 2005

A Brief Look Back

I went walking in some rain the other day. It was a hard, persistent rain, but I hoped all the documents I was carrying would remain dry. They didn't. It would be nice to carry an umbrella, but it's difficult because I have a cane in one hand, a pack on my back, and I'm usually trying to balance myself with the other.
I also like my sunglasses more and more either when I'm outdoors or in front of the computer. They make my life much easier even though they're a pain on the ears. I have a cough and an irritation in my throat that will not go away. I call it the Shenandoah Valley Scratch. The scratch is in everyone's throat at one time or other here, and usually several people are suffering from it simultaneously. I believe I'm over the illness that had me for the last three weeks. But dealing with that and getting over it required much sleep.
I made an apple pie yesterday that was so, so good. I piled the apple slices up really high in the center, and when it baked, the apples cooked down but the center remained elevated. The apples were tart, so I had to use more sugar to make them palatable. I'm planning a tomato pie tomorrow. Tomatoes make a good fruit pie, and it's inexpensive. Some carrot sandwiches would also be nice.My post on Antonin Scalia's speech was not necessarily topical, but I find his thinking so bereft of reason that whenever I read his words, I'm just blown away. I still do not understand how anyone so averse to reason practices law, let alone gets himself elevated to the Supreme Court. He belongs in a Catholic state, a jurist under a Catholic king, frequenting a royal court as much as a law court. That's how I see him.
Of course, we have a defacto royal court now. There are people in power who believe that your respectability lies not in what you have done or in decisions you, as an individual, have made, but instead it lies in who is willing to be seen with you. It sounds juvenile, like high school. And this juvenilia is the product not of ignorance or sheltered living, but stupidity. That is what makes it impossible to forgive.

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