Thursday, March 24, 2005

Behold, another bait & switch.

More neocon manipulative rhetoric-- let's browse!
QUOTE:March 23, 2005
Money trumps 'humanity'
By Dana Rohrabacher
The more that is disclosed about the U.N.'s Oil-for-Food "humanitarian" efforts the more it seems the United Nations has nothing to do with "humanity" and everything to do with money. END QUOTE.
I perceive a weak attempt to take conscience, humanity, humanization, and the critique about the dehumanization of society away from "liberals." The investigation is the irrelevant past, the time before Iraq was our Middle Eastern colony. The time when Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld were screaming "Invade! Invade!" to the Clinton Administration. I wonder if the Rohrabacher has read Naomi Klein's "Baghdad Year Zero" article and critique of the US occupation of Iraq and its destruction of state enterprises and creation of massive chaos in the Iraqi economy with the objective of total subjugation of the people through despair. My guess is that she hasn't. The international community condemns rightly our wars of aggression and this is our response. It's called projection and neocons do it constantly. They project all their faults into their adversaries. And one of the biggest of these since the days of Henry Cabot Lodge is the organized international community either as the League of Nations or the UN.
QUOTE:The gap of undelivered goods equates to about $1 billion a year for over five years: $1 billion a year that went right into the pockets of Saddam and his cohorts while thousands of Iraq's own children starved to death. END QUOTE.
Is this supposed to take the loss of 8 billion dollars from Iraq restoration funds off of our minds? Sorry, Dana, it isn't working.One loss is miniscule beside the other, and totally irrelevant to the current situation.
QUOTE: For years, however, America was vilified for demanding economic sanctions and blamed for the suffering of Iraqi children. END QUOTE.
Vilified justly. I've heard that as many as a million children died of preventable causes in the 10 years of sanctions. America is vilified again after the second war for outright social neglect in Iraq. In both cases yes, the vilification has been justified, principled, and backed by the facts.
She goes on to complain about the UN's inability to "police itself."All the problems she ascribes to it, loss of credibility, silencing of whistleblowers, corruption with money, are readily distinguishable features of the Bush Regime and its corporate framework.
We know more than 100,000 people are dead because of our war of aggression in Iraq. Maladminstration of one program is a miniscule institutional problem beside the premeditated, brutal crimes of Dana Rohrabacher's regime.
QUOTE: At least these questions point to possible noble intentions of United Nations employees, whereas much of the investigation has led to the conclusion there is very little nobility left at the United Nations. END QUOTE.
Kick them out of New York City and then get US out of the organization pronto, miss neocon.Why don't you suggest it? Cat got your tongue?Go it alone, neoconservative. You don't deserve the rest of the world. Whereas the UN hints at noble intentions, the neoconservative uses noble words to hide evil intentions.
QUOTE: The United Nations has a long road ahead of it in order to restore its credibility. ... As this investigation moves forward and we continue to examine the United Nations, not for what it purports itself to be but what it actually is, we must work to prevent these mistakes from happening again and repair the damage that has already been done. The United Nations must demand a higher level of integrity or risk falling into irrelevancy. END QUOTE.
If you are a neocon Republican, the UN never had any relevancy for you. Never. You use hollow arguments about sovereignty to attack it, and now that those are all worn out, you turn to straw men in the form of this investigation.
So here's my version: The American government has a long road ahead of it in order to restore its credibility. ... As this investigation moves forward and we continue to examine American foreign policy not for what it purports itself to be, but what it actually is, we realize that the damage the neocons have done to our nation is irreparable.The American government has already fallen into irrelevancy.The nerve never ceases to amaze me-- how one country, the United States, can flatter itself so much that it criticizes the entire international community, international instruments. How can one nation be so great that it is above international law? The answer is that it cannot, it is not, and it never will be.
This is just another bait and switch-- don't look at the corruption of the American government, don't believe almost every member of Congress along with everyone in the Executive and Judiciary is not lying plutocratic imperialist scum. I'm not falling for it. Not for one minute. I don't want to hear about the UN, except to document the alienation of the US from everything it is, everything it stands for, and everything it would aspire to be.
And speaking of lost credibility, foreigners pay your twin deficits, Rohrabacher. The ones that buttress the life of luxury you enjoy. I think they should stop doing that, don't you? After all, if your nation is superior enough to judge every other, why shouldn't it be left out in the cold to pay its own bills? Just keep talking and I'm sure those brown-skinned foreigners will have even more justification alienate the dollar than its weakness. Our currency is the ultimate reflection of our international credibility. Its weakness is the product of the usurper's lies, violence, and stupidity as much as anything else.

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