Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Are Happiness and Misery Interdependent?

The people who have pirated US government, and turned everything
that protected the citizenry into an elitist one-party state, are
systematically attacking the economy, declaring economic war on the
middle-class and impoverished all over the land. They are doing so
because they believe the suffering of others buttresses or validates the
good-fortune of themselves and their friends. To my point:We have a 500 billion+ dollar deficit. Health insurance premiums went up 60% in the last four years.18,000 people a year die prematurely and in needless misery because
they lack health insurance.Most bankruptcies are caused by genuine hardship like death, divorce,
and severe illness. Yet policy is being made on the assumption that
most bankruptcies are caused by irresponsible credit-card use.Like thieves in the house, the neocons have despoiled everything.
Then, facing their ragged victims, they believe that not everything in
the house comprising wealth has been shown to them, so they're
breaking into the walls of the house like disgusting rats.
Social Security as it exists, we are told, is a blight, a blight they say,
on our future, our economy, our government, and our society. It must
be transformed into a corporate investment scheme with an altruistic
veneer, and benefits must be cut perhaps by third, perhaps by half, but
either way, life will get spare, gray, dark and empty for the aged, the
disabled, and the children. Generosity is a mortal sin in the land
where greed leads.The same thing happened to Medicare in 2003. The institution itself
is capable of providing coverage for prescription drugs. But because
elites, investors, ceos, and dreamers of mansions, mansions and
mansions were involved in policy-making, a pro-corporate package
with convoluted language and procedures was created to fit like a bad
set of dentures into the program as it exists. One tweak was all that
was necessary, but they screwed the whole thing up with a new bore!
Tort reform was another policy in which the assumptions of elites were more important than reality.
The legal system serves the wealthy as it is.
You generally get the justice you pay for, and most cases are brought by institutions against
individuals. Yet, policy is being made on the assumption that
individuals are filing more and more frivolous lawsuits. The
government scapegoated lawyers, I note, and left it to the rest of us to
remember that lawyers working against corporations and the
government in class-action suits generally represent individuals, and
people in specific circumstances. The class-action lawsuit gave our
law nuance and deep understanding, it was a means of protecting the
minority against the majority and the majority against the elites. The class-action lawsuit was the creation of American genius.Tort reform has made law and the power to bring suit the handmaid of
the institution-- public, private, small or large. Who loses? The
individual of course.
It's like the proverb, in any mixture of poison and food, death shall
prevail. The poison penetrates everything it's mixed with, once food
becomes poison it cannot go back to being food.
Once law serves the powerful in a one-party state, it cannot go back to
serving the individual. I submit that the government en masse has
taken sides against the people. The institution is supreme, property is
above life and liberty, and the individual is-- dead?
More on this later.

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