Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Anti-Intellectual Revolution

This article
is a fascinating juxtaposition of quotations from the Maoist Cultural Revolution and the current conservative scream-fest in the academic world. I intend to teach. I don't mind doing research, but I don't believe a person has a firm grasp of a subject unless he or she can impart an understanding of that subject to someone who does not know about it.
In all the schools I've attended, this kind of wrangling and resentment has never happened. I just don't think there is any place for it, because the truth is not ideological.
Again though, this is another attempt to undermine the authority of teachers. In the 80s it was teaching to objectives, in 2005 it's direct confrontation.
This society will be educated for effectual contribution to the world only when it invests its teachers with the authority due them. The authority and freedom of teachers is directly related to the quality of education.

Is it any surprise that the right hates intellectuals, anything intellectual and everything sensical and rational.

The attack on our Universities is something quite interesting. David Horowitz and his anti-intellectual group, Students For Acedemic Freedom, monitor and keep track of Professors, where they live, how they vote and what they teach.

Horowitzes latest hate group creation PSAF Parents and Students For Acedemic Freedom (K-12)monitor teachers in public schools K-12.( ~Amadeus
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