Thursday, March 24, 2005

Against the death penalty, yet they embrace war

What concerns me most is not what they're against, but what they're not against. They have never made a coordinated and forceful statement against any of the imperialistic wars whose costs are ravaging this nation's freedoms, have depleted its wealth, and in the process, have killed hundreds of thousands of people. If the American Conference of Catholic Bishops makes no statements against the "war on terror"; or the looting of the US treasury; says nothing about the rising food prices; continues their dead silence about the widespread and deepening poverty of this nation; then with their silence, they approve of these things. They are closer to the world than to heaven, I assure you.
Our leaders and soldiers have committed war crimes. Our iniquity comes to light. No word. Is it the shame of the ignorant or the guilt of the man who has seen fanaticism and could only cringe?
Those who fancy themselves most powerful here believe that if they humiliate a person they destroy his or her humanity. There is no condemnation from these religious people who supposedly believe that every spirit is equal before God and indissolubly human on earth.If no words are spoken or written against these things, if the attacks are not furious and consistent against them, then we must conclude that the institutional American Catholic church approves of every single war crime, every child killed, every woman raped, and every man tortured and murdered. They bring down the lash on American capital punishment, yet they have not the stomach to confront the empire and condemn its sociopathic architects and leaders in the name of God.

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